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Such a small device intended for hobby beekeeping. Weight: 7,4 kg.

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Manual stainless sieve intended for manual sieving of the obtained mixture. Before its final storage or packing, the bee bread has to be dried. Place the separation device on a flat and stable surface, i.

BBM Enterprise v1.2: Introducing MPoP

If USING the separation device, separation process has to be carried out automatically by gravity: collecting the bigger bee-bread pieces into small stainless sieve attached to the separator from the outside. If failed to dry well, a humid product would start to grew mold in it. Of course, a fresh humid bee bread is more valuable for human consumption rather than dried one.

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In order to preserve its valuable properties, if not dried for good, — it has to be frozen for storage again. Either, there is an opportunity to keep the bee bread mixed with honey.

For bbm prekybos sistema sake of safety, always pull out the power cord bbm prekybos sistema the power socket before disassembling or cleaning the «BBM mini» parts! Comb preparation for harvesting.

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Fundamental principle: frost makes honeycomb-wax fragile and easily degradable, however, bee bread hexagonals, on the contrary, become hardened and so retain their unique shape not being damaged.

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